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This article was last updated 06 February 2012

It is very easy to start smoking but it is an uphill task to quit smoking. 

Ask any chain smoker or even a person who smokes just a few cigarettes everyday.

Usually a person can quit smoking for a couple of days, then the urge to smoke is so strong that one makes all kinds of excuses to start it again.

So you are back to square one.

All kinds of methods have been advocated for quitting smoking, but the one that has made a big impact is Hypnosis. Hypnosis quit smoking methods have divided the medical fraternity into two.

Stop smoking hypnosis

While some argue that self hypnosis quit smoking methods are not effective in the long run, there are others who advocate quitting smoking using hypnosis, well i would dispute that from personal experience, as i did quit smoking using self hypnosis.

They feel that hypnosis for quitting smoking is as effective as products that help one stop smoking, personally that is not the case, but is a wide held view amongst so called professionals.

It doesn't matter how long you have been smoking, whether you are a social smoker or a chain smoker if you want to quit smoking then hypnosis can help you.

Everyone who has tried to quit smoking knows about the mood swings, lethargy and the intense cravings.

When you use self hypnosis to help you stop smoking, you have the help of a hypnotherapist who slowly takes you into a dreamlike state.

You relax from head to toe. During this period a person is very receptive to suggestions. The hypnotherapist would then use many positive suggestions that would help a patient to cut down  is cravings for cigarettes.

This is because one is in a relaxed state after hypnosis, therefore one feels less stress, and when one is less stressed one doesn't have the urge to smoke.

There has been a lot of debate on whether hypnosis quit smoking methods work in the long run. Some people are of the opinion that during the period of hypnosis treatment the patient is able to control his urge to smoke, but the moment the treatment is over they cannot control the urge to smoke.

In spite of this hypnosis is still one of the most popular methods to help one quit smoking. In the USA there are quite a few clinics that help one to quit smoking using hypnosis. For example Iowa and Indiana have a number of such clinics.

But the most important thing that you must remember when you want to quit smoking is that any method, whether it is self hypnosis quit smoking methods or any other methods will work only if you have the willpower to say no to cigarettes.

I was a smoker for almost 35 years and quit smoking overnight by using self hypnosis, and can honestly say in the past four years i have neither wanted or wished for a cigarette, in fact the very smell on someone who is/or has just smoked is horrible, and i think back to myself, "Did I stink like this"

Thank goodness i dont have that worry any more, as i quit smoking using self hypnosis.

When are you going to quit smoking?

Stop smoking hypnosis

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